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  • 5 Key Stats on Youth & Mobile
  • 5 Youth Facts Mobile Brands should know
  • 20 Marketing questions answered in the Report

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Each Report area dispels common myths about Youth

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(what marketers assume)


(what the Mobile Youth Report says)

1. Youth are cheap. They have no money and buy only on discounts. It’s a race to the bottom of price. The youth market is worth $1 trillion dollars.Youth drive high end smartphone markets. Youth have the highest lifetime value of all customers.
Find out more about the Youth Business Case
2. Youth are difficult to communicate with. Youth are open to communication that is relevant, trustworthy and transparent.
Find out more about Youth and Communication
3. Youth are expensive to market to because it costs too much to win their attention. Youth Fans – already sold on your marketing – are cost effective because they do your marketing for you. Youth Fans are 100x more influential than the average customer.
Find out more about Youth and Influence
4. Youth are just a small part of the market. Focusing on the youth market alienates our other customers. You don’t have to be a Youth Brand. Most popular brands with youth are Youthful not Youth brands (e.g. Starbucks, Apple, Facebook). Youthful means open to ideas and dialogue. The Next Big Thing always starts in the youth market and spreads to the mass market/adults later e.g SMS, mobile messaging, Facebook, Instagram. If you want to know the behaviors of tomorrow look at the youth market today.
Find out more about Youth Branding
5. Youth are obscure and difficult to understand. They follow one trend today and a new one tomorrow. Youth don’t follow trends. They are attracted to Social Benefits of new products and services. Youth help the wider market explore and discover the Social Benefit of your product.
Find out more about Youth, Smartphones and Social Tools
6. Youth are a high risk market. It is safer to repackage existing products at low prices. Youth are more open to new ideas and innovations. Youth absorb the risk of new product development and launch through partnering in marketing and innovation.
Find out more about Youth and Innovation
7. Youth are fickle, unloyal and easy-come easy-go customers. Youth loyalty cannot be won with discount programs disguised as loyalty programs. Youth stay loyal to the brands that deliver a Social Benefit.
Find out more about Youth and Loyalty

Explore further with the Mobile Youth Report Table of Contents

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How does the Mobile Youth Report help our clients?

1. Increase effectiveness of marketing
2. Increase word of mouth among youth
3. Find which mobile service youth want
4. Reduce churn by building youth loyalty
5. Turn young customers into Fans

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